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Mike Hutchinson cares about jobs

Hutchinson said the county should do everything it could to maintain the high-quality companies already rooted in the area. For decades, Hutchinson worked for the major government contractor L3, which was based in Sarasota until last year when the company moved to St. Petersburg.

“If they’re here and they’re starting to get a little bit frustrated, we need to keep them here,” Hutchinson said.

Sarasota Herald Tribune, Growth, transportation and Jobs, July 2020

Mike Hutchinson, a dedicated Republican

First-time candidate and long-time Republican Party of Sarasota loyalist Mike Hutchinson...

Observer,  July 2020

  • A proud member of the Republican Party of Sarasota's Chairman Circle

  • East County Republican Club, Treasurer

  • Republican Precinct Captain since 2009

Mike Hutchinson

A Conservative that will make a difference on the County Commission

Listens to 



Protect Water Quality

Ensure the county stops dumping millions of gallons of sewage water into our Gulf.  

Preserve Jobs

As a Software Engineer, Mike believes we must preserve jobs and help high tech businesses stay here.  

Conserve Natural Lands

Have a enforceable plan that will allow for steady growth while protecting our natural lands

Keep Taxes Low

Sarasota County has one of the lowest property taxes in the state and we need to keep it that way

Better Road plan

All new developments must have adequate infrastructure in place BEFORE building homes

Listen to YOU!

As your County Commissioner, Mike Hutchinson will listen to you.

Vote for Mike Hutchinson 

For County Commission District 1

Republican Primary

August 18, 2020

Celery Fields

Mike Hutchinson opposes the proposed industrial waste recycling plant next to the Celery Fields. 

Keep the Country...Country

The County needs a plan that protects our rural lands. See link for more info

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Protect Existing Neighborhoods

Our existing neighborhoods should be protected from incompatible developments.

Fix Sarasota's sewer problems

Sarasota County needs to upgrade all sewer treatment plants not just the Bee Ridge location.  The County should never transfer funds from sewer maintenance funds to give a developer new sewer pipes. For more info, visit Super Hamlet information page

New Developments should pay their own way

New developments should pay for their sewer and road infrastructure needs and not burden the existing taxpayers.

Open Government

The County should be transparent and open for all citizens.  

Views on 
local issues
Hutchinson's Message
Mike Hutchinson's believes will protect our 
Mike Hutchinson's believes our waterways should be protected
Mike Hutchinson's will protect rural and natural lands

Early Career

Computer Programmer for the Department of Defense


Software Engineer - Harris Controls, Melbourne FL

Volunteer within the Community

Leads project to restore used computers and donates them to disadvantaged youth and adults


Eileen Fitzgerald, wonderful supportive wife for 18 years

and his son, Bruce, College Professor


Software Engineer for EMR Telemetry in Sarasota


Systems Engineer for L-3 Communications in Sarasota

Volunteer with Republican Party

Precinct captain for 11 years. Member of Republican Executive Committee. Treasurer of the East County Republican Club


Graduate of Virginia Tech

Mike Hutchinson

has the education, experience and commitment to serve the people of Sarasota County faithfully

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