As your County Commissioner

I believe in having a good strategic growth plan that

 protects our waterways,

provides for better roads,

does not pave over paradise,

ensures the taxpayers do not pay for new developments’ infrastructure,


 keeps our taxes low.


Protect our waterways

Let's make our Gulf Great Again!  We deserve clean water to enjoy.  Our economy is largely dependent on tourism and without clean water in the Gulf, we will all lose.  For years, Sarasota County has dumped millions of gallons of sewage water into our Gulf.  The reason is poor planning.  As your County Commissioner, my priority is to move the County in the right direction.  Plan for wastewater treatment plant upgrades that will handle the current and future needs.  I will fight to make new developments pay for their sewage services and not be subsidized by our citizens.

Source:  Sarasota face lawsuit over 800 million gallons of dumped wastewater, Sarasota Herald Tribune, May 20, 2019

Source: State of Florida DEP v. Sarasota County consent order, OGC No 19.0255lf

Better Road Plan

We need a better plan for our roads.  As your Commissioner, I believe infrastructure needs to be addressed before a new development is approved.  We have seen the County approve commercial and residential developments without a plan for road infrastructure.  That must stop.  New developments must have a plan to install and pay for the new roads it needs.  The cost of new roads should not burden our taxpayers.

Conserve our Natural lands

Years ago, our County had a plan to handle new growth.  It required infrastructure to be in place and allowed for green space to protect wildlife and to reduce flooding.  Over the years, that plan was dramatically changed.  As your County Commissioner, I believe in a strategic growth plan that will allow for protection of green space and our rural lands.  

Fiscally Responsible

The citizens need a government that is a good steward of our tax dollars.  Over the years the burdens of new development especially those in the rural lands have been placed on our taxpayers.  We are paying for new roads into new developments while our roads are neglected.  As your Commissioner, I believe that the current citizens needs come first.  Our taxpayers should not be paying for new development infrastructure.

Keep our taxes low

Sarasota County has one of the lowest property tax rates in Florida.  Unfortunately, as the County grows and new infrastructure needs arise, there have been efforts to increase our tax rates to pay for the new developments' needs.  In 2019, the utility tax rate was increased to pay for waste water treatment plant upgrades to accommodate new growth.  As your County Commissioner, I will push to have new developments pay for the infrastructure they need to ensure your property and utility taxes stay one of the lowest in the state.


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